Титановый электродный лист для генератора солевого хлора

Titanium electrode sheet for salt chlorine generator
The salt cell in a salt chlorinator is the part that actually converts Salt (NaCl) to Chlorine, which consists of a plastic housing and the electrodes. TheTitanium electrode sheet for salt chlorine generator usually constructed from the highly corrosion resistant material titanium, and the anode is coated with ruthenium oxide or iridium generally. The composition of this coating plays a major role in both the chlorine producing efficiency of the cell and its life expectancy.
Parameter of the Titanium electrode sheet for salt chlorine generator :
Substrate Material: Pure titanium in Gr1 or Gr2;
Coating Material: Ruthenium Irridum mixed oxide;                                                    
Shape: Solid plate/sheet/mesh ect.;
Size: can be customized;
Technology: Sand blasting, Acid washing and Brush Coating.

Ячейка хлоратора для соляного бассейнаProduct Series:
Модель Длина (см) Ширина (см) Толщина (см) Нет. пластин Токовый выход Производительность хлора (г/ч)
У-РП50 25 6 0. 1 7 27А 50
У-РП35 20 6 0. 1 7 21А 35
У-РП25 13 6 0. 1 7 14А 25
У-РП20 11 6 0. 1 7 12А 20

Self cleaning electrolytic cell, (Auto SC) units;
Polarity Reversal electrode, low maintenance;
Prevents algae from growing;
Scale-resistant cathodes;
Large surface area of cell plates for high rate chlorine production;
Individually replaceable anode and cathode unit avoid replacement cost.

Salt pool chlorination systems;
In ground and above ground pools;
Residential pools;
Ozone Generator;
SPA electrolyzer;
Генератор гипохлорита натрия.


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