Титановый электрод MMO для электрохимической окислительной очистки сточных вод

MMO Titanium Electrode for Electrochemical Oxidation Wastewater Treatment

Electrochemical oxidation is applied for wastewater treatment to remove organic contaminants for decades. The organics in the wastewater can be converted into simple molecules or completely incinerated to CO 2 and H 2 O by electrochemical oxidation. The nature of the electrode, applied current density, duration of electrolysis, supporting electrolyte, pH, temperature, and cell geometry significantly contribute to the efficiency and energy consumption of the electrochemical oxidation process. The electrode material acquires utmost importance for COD/TOC removal efficiency.

UTron produces MMO titanium electrode for electrochemical oxidation wastewater treatment of degradation organics by Sol-gel method. This titanium substrate-based RuO 2, IrO2, and other noble metal coated electrode, which possessed high catalytic activity and stability, its availability of higher oxidation state, affinity towards hydroxyl radicals, stability in different pH, active species generated in presence of different electrolytes, and wear-tear properties of an anode influence its ability to oxidize the organics or to generate active oxidants. It enhances the COD removal efficiency which was observed due to oxidation high electrocatalytic activity and stability.
Substrate: Pure Titanium in Gr1/2;
Coating: Ruthenium, iridium, platinum+X;
Current Density: ≤2000A/sqm;
Shape: Plate, mesh, rod, or custom;
Operating Life: 1-3 Years;

High current efficiency;
High degradation efficiency;
No sludge generation;
Long service life.

Seawater Electro Chlorination;
Wastewater COD and TOC removal;
Pool chlorinator;
Cooling water anti-biofouling;

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