MMO Проволочный анод

MMO Wire Anode

MMO wire anode consists of solid titanium wire meet ASTM specifications coated with a thin layer of iridium and tantalum oxide, it has a low consumption rate, the anode remains nearly constant during the life of the anode. MMO titanium wire anode is featured for its low consumption rate easy installation, it is used in most cathodic protection applications.
Диаметр   Плотность тока   Расчетный срок службы (лет) Основной материал   Покрытие
1,5/2 мм   А/м2 50-100   30   Титан   Оксид иридия тантала Платиновое покрытие
3 мм   А/м2 50-100   30   Титан   Оксид иридия тантала Платиновое покрытие

Cable Option:

Easy to handle and install;
No need to spot welding on site;
Lower cost per ampere year;
Stable and Economy.

Water Storage Tanks;
Tank Bottom Anodes;
Linear Anodes;
Reinforced concrete structures.
Working Environment: including soil, carbonaceous backfill, fresh water, brackish water, and seawater.

  UTron provide MMO wire anode in either titanium or titanium/copper substrate, with or without lead cable. the anode coating, service life, and output current are customizable. The MMO wire titanium anode UTron provided is in accordance with strict quality procedures which are followed throughout the coating process to ensure proper adhesion and loading. each batch of products is s subject to thorough tests of accelerated life test, coating thickness verification with x-ray, etc.

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