MMO цилиндрический глубоколуночный анод

MMO cylindrical deep well anode

Cylindrical deep well anode(Canister anodes) consist of MMO/Ti (tubular, wire, rod, mesh) anode installed in a large metal canister that is filled with coke breeze backfill. They are commonly used for impressed current anode cathodic protection applications.
Canister anode in MMO wire
Модель Размеры канистры Размеры провода Срок службы 20 лет Вес нетто обратной засыпки
Длина (A) Диаметр (C) Длина (B)
см см см Усилители кг
У1 100 7.6 90 0.6 4.5
 У2 150 7.6 140 1 7.7
У3 200 7.6 190 1.4 10.4
У4 100 7.6 90 1.3 4.5
У5 150 7.6 140 2 7.7
У6 200 7.6 190 2.8 10.4
“S”indicates 1.5mm wire, “H” indicates 3mm.

Canister anode in MMO tubular
Модель Размеры канистры Трубчатые размеры Актуально на 20 лет Срок службы Вес нетто обратной засыпки
Длина (A) Диаметр (C) Диаметр (C) Длина (B)
см см см см Усилители кг
A 70 7.5 1.6 50 2.5 3.1
B 150 10 1.9 100 6 11.8
C 200 15 2.5 100 8 35.3
D 213.3 20.3 3.2 120 12 69

The basic anode in an canister anode is a MMO wire or tubular anode, which is comprised of a precious metal oxide coating applied to a titanium base. The metal oxide coating is completely stable, and does not corrode, as is the case with traditional massive type anodes, such as silicon iron, graphite.

The stable anode element passes current to a highly conductive calcined petroleum coke breeze. This backfill is well compacted inside a galvanized steel canister. To allow moisture to quickly migrate to the coke breeze for increased electrical conductivity, the MMO anode element is electrically connected to the steel canister - thereby accelerating the canister corrosion rate once the anode has been installed and energized.

Durable: hardly to breakage or damage;
Easy to Handle and Install;
Reduces Excavation and Drilling Costs;

Shallow vertical and horizontal surface ground beds;
Above/under ground storage tank;
Reinforced concrete structures;

   UTron provide MMO cylindrical deep well anode(canister anodes )with core in Трубчатый или проволочный анод MMOwrapped with galvanized steel canister. The canister is capped with the anode cable extending out the top of the anode cap. It is commonly used in cathodic protection field, such as buried pipelines or ground beds.

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